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Personal genetics: DTC or DTMD?

Yesterday I ordered a book from Amazon called “Outsmart Your Genes” – this was prompted by a tweet from @genesherpas:Just got my copy my Friend Brandon Colby MD's great work. It is a must read for all. That means AnneW too.It wasn’t too expensive and it may be interesting – it also could be part of a slick marketing campaign, a few days previously a press release announced the launch of “Existence Genetics LLC, the world’s first predictive medicine company…”. With the website of the book linking to the Existence website, the twitter and facebook links, and so on, it does look like: @dgmacarthur The "Outsmart your genes" book that @GeneSherpas is spruiking looks like extended ad for author's company:’ll see, I’ll update when I read the book, meanwhile I learnt some Australian slang as well…First of all – there is nothing wrong with any of the above, it’s all fine and I have not much to say about the service offe…

Something is not working – is it the vitamins or the trials?

This article in today’s Independent prompted me to finish off and post this – as far as good nutritional advice is concerned confusion reigns. 1. Sat fats are OK after all 2. Recently we were informed that the “5 a day” advice did not prevent cancer (see previous post) 3. We read that >400 IU / day vitamin E increases mortality thanks to a 2005 meta-analysis (Conclusion: “High-dosage (≥400 IU/d) vitamin E supplements may increase all-cause mortality and should be avoided”) 4. In 2007, a widely cited meta-analysis proved “the myth of antioxidant supplements” – they simply do no good and may even do harm 5. The subject of this post – 2 major studies show that vitamin E and Selenium, despite early promise, do not protect against prostate cancer (SELECT and PHS) 6. According to one author of the SELECT study –  “The prospects for cancer prevention through micronutrient supplementation have never looked worse”
So how much of all this is true? Probably some, none or all of it – we …