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The murky side of physician prescribed LDTs

Apparently the LDT community are not too happy with DTC genomics for having stirred up the regulatory hornets nest, well maybe that’s not such a bad thing. I have argued previously that physician prescribed tests can be more dangerous and more necessary of regulation than DTC and below is a good case for the argument.First a huge huge thanks to @laikas for a) her excellent beautifully detailed and analytical posts on the CFS virus story (XMRV & MRV: here, here and here) and b) for specifically asking me and others to comment. I had been aware of the controversy but no more than that so Laika’s request made me read more – my first inclination was that it reminded me of the helicobacter story, scepticism followed by acceptance, cures and nobel prizes, but reading further it unfortunately looks more like the MMR / Autism debacle which was Laika’s comparison.I’m not going to discuss the various findings here, no point as Laika has done that far better – what I do want to talk about is…